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Shockbyte retains that in mind. For that Shockbyte keeps their system updated and conscious of any incoming mods or servers and assures that they support every Minecraft server version and mod. They use a particular set of techniques and instruments that screens incoming traffic on the servers with the intention to resist and prevent a DDoS or DoS assault. In addition they provide compensation to their users in case of failure in safety from DDoS or DoS assaults. Shockbyte claims to provide one of the best protection towards DoS and DDoS assaults. Safety and safety are important to maintaining when hosting your personal private server. For that, Shockbyte provides DDoS safety of their servers. Having your own server stands on high of the other options for a couple of causes: You'll be able to set it to any version of Minecraft, you possibly can modify it past Vanilla, and servers don’t cap the number of players who can be a part of (of course, you would need a powerful server depending on the number of gamers you want on-line.) Playing Minecraft Java Edition with friends on a modded server is one of the crucial versatile, and fun, methods to get pleasure from the game. Minecraft's scoop is which you could create your own video game, or an animated world, replicate a movie, create a replica of your favourite characters and way more, but only using blocks.