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Construction on those sites is underway, and Orosz is currently working on a power transmission and road crossing over the Senqu river, the largest in southern Africa. During the project, the operators of a health clinic on the off-grid side of the river let Orosz stay there on the condition that he fix their diesel generator. He got the generator working again, but if everything goes according to plan, the clinic won’t need it for much longer. Memorial Day itself begins with a parade at 11 a.m. followed by a veterans memorial dedication at noon at the Monson Community Church, located next to the gym. Parade participants should gather at Robinson’s at 10:30 a.m. Children are welcome to participate. The American Legion will have food available following the ceremonies. We know first-time land buyers have a lot of questions, which is why we created Rethink:Rural, our land buyer education website. Read expert advice on every step of the process, from searching for the right property to tips on financing to creating the homestead or recreational site you're dreaming of once you buy the land. Browse the articles below or visit