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Shockbyte has been providing hosting companies since 2013. With lots of of hundreds of consumers served and more than 300K servers hosted, we have now an incredibly robust fame among the many gaming server community. Most likely to this point the perfect hosting company for game servers. We have been informed that the Minecraft internet hosting company ServerMiner provide a free bundle to get you going which you need to use for 14 days. We’re so confident you’ll be pleased choosing us as your ARK host that we offer a full money again assure. Why should I choose Shockbyte as my ARK host? By now, you should be wondering why people undergo the headache of constructing their own private server to host Minecraft video games when there are cheaper and higher choices in the form of renting web servers. It is strongly recommended to do that when there aren't any players on you server to prevent interruptions or lags while playing in your server.

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