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The in-app gaming comes as part of Zoom Apps, which allows third-party apps to be embedded in Zoom Meetings, while Zoom Events seeks to create a wider range of virtual events. This is a fun game of acting and mystery! Pick one person to be the Wink Assassin. Everyone in the Zoom wants to convince the other players that they aren8217;t the assassin. The Wink Assassin sends private messages to victims with an emoji wink. When a victim receives a wink, they act out that they are dying and then turn off their video feed. All of the remaining players have to vote on who they think is the assassin. The player who receives the most votes turns their video feed off and is done. You keep playing the game until the Wink Assassin is found! How to play: Player one names a celebrity (say, Michael Cera), then player two must name a celeb whose first name begins with the first letter of the last name of that celeb (say, Catherine O'Hara), and so on. One caveat: If a player names a notable whose first and last name start with the same letter (say, Courteney Cox), then the order of play is reversed. The player who canrsquo;t name a celeb? Theymdash;you guessed itmdash;have to drink.