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Sorry, we can't find that bank. But we're always adding new ones, so check back soon. Our financial expertise spans key product areas, including apparel, electronics and appliances, home furnishings, automotive, power products and sports, jewelry and luxury, other retail, elective healthcare procedures and services, and more. With PayCode, Amazon is allowing consumers that haven#8217;t previously been able to purchase goods on Amazon to buy items through the site and pay for them in cash via QR codes. Amazon piloted PayCode in countries including Colombia, Chile, Hong Kong, Kenya, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Peru, Taiwan, and Thailand. It then expanded the program to Barbados, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Kazakstan, and Uruguay, before opening it to the US in September 2019. PayCode has also been introduced in the Federated States of Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Mauritius, Palau, Philippines, and Tanzania.